Review: Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm in Unique Pink

I first got tempted to try items from the Pixi brand some time last year when the limited edition Tinkerbell make up collection was out and I fell in love with the packaging and several items from the line. Perhaps my favourite item from the collection was the tinted lip brilliance balm in happy thoughts pink, which was a lip balm which promised to tint the lips with a unique shade which modified itself as a result of PH levels. Recently I discovered to my delight that there is pretty much the same product in the permanent Pixi collection which is the Tinted brilliance balm in unique pink which also promises the same personalised pink shade in accordance with your lips PH levels. The formulation of the product feels really hydrating but not heavy on the lips and is perfect for daily wear as it provides a pink shade which is incredibly wearable  and even for those who are not adventurous with their lip colours. I also find the shade it gives me to be incredibly flattering. What I like most about this product is the stain it leaves on your lips which means you don’t have to keep touching up and worrying about the state of your lips much throughout the day. The product retails at £12 in the UK and can be purchased via the Pixi website or online and in certain big boots stores. There are also a range of other colours in the tinted balm range which provide a straight up colour which doesn’t react with the PH of your lips but does provide the same stain effect. The packaging, as for all Pixi products, is really pretty and a nice addition to your dresser or handbag. I would really recommend this product as it has become my go to lip product.

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