Bath and Body Top Picks

I have far too many bath and body care products, more than I can possibly hope to get through by the time Christmas rolls round again and I receive (to my honest delight) a tonne more to keep me going for the next year. I thought I would share a few things that I’ve been loving for a good clean, so here are my top picks……..

Yay for being clean!!

Yay for being clean!!

Ren Neroli and Grapefruit Body Wash:

I really love the fresh scent of this product, it’s great for those early mornings when you really need something to wake you up. I think this will also be a great scent for Summer when on those hot days you really want something to make you feel fresh and super clean again. Ren is a brand that I have been really growing to love as it has no chemical nasties and prides itself on producing “clean skincare”. The full size version of this (200ml) retails at £15 which I do find a bit pricey for a shower gel but if you’re looking to treat yourself at any point then I’d definitely give this a go.

Lush Rock Star Soap:

This is my favourite soap scent from Lush, it is the sweetest scent imaginable kind of like concentrated candy floss! If you have never smelt this soap before I would recommend going to Lush and giving it a sniff. If you’re a fan of sweet scents like myself then this is the soap for you. This soap leaves your skin feeling really clean and soft and not stripped at all.

The Body Shop HoneyMania Bath Melt:

This is another scent I’m obsessed with, it’s sweet and very flowery. I find that it is quite like the Moringa scent the Body Shop do which in my opinion is a good thing. When poured under running water the gel like product turns into lots of wonderfully scented bubbles which is pretty much all you want from bubble bath. The product retails at £8 which I think is a far price because you don’t need to use all that much to make your bath super bubbly. Also The Body Shop are always having amazing deals online so keep your eyes peeled and order it when there’s a special offer. I recommend signing up to their mailing list so that you never miss out on their great offers.

The Body shop Strawberry Body Butter:

I thought I would feature by favourite after shower/bath product. I love all the body butters from The Body Shop, they all having amazing scents and leave your skin wonderfully moisturised but not greasy. I would recommend going in to the store and smelling all the scents to pick your favourite. At the moment the strawberry scent is my favourite as it’s wonderfully sweet and the smell lasts ages on the skin.

Let me know what products you lot are loving in the shower and bath at the moment!


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