E.l.f Products: Keep oil at bay all day?

My skin has been really oily of late which has been a total pain in regards to keeping my make-up looking decent all day. When browsing through the E.L.F website I saw two products that might help me solve this: The Studio Makeup Mist and Set spray and the Professional Shine Eraser blotting sheets. So here are my thoughts on them……..

e.l.f  setting spray and blotting sheets.. the dream team?

e.l.f setting spray and blotting sheets.. the dream team?

Studio Makeup Mist & Set.

I haven’t tried many setting sprays so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from this. The product claims “to keep your makeup in place all day with a radiance boosting invisible hold” and you can spray it on after applying makeup or throughout the day to refresh your makeup. The initial problem I had with this product was the actual spray pump as it doesn’t really give a even mist across your face and you can see large drops of the product in certain areas on your face and no product at all on other areas. However if you kind of spray your face a few times looking different ways you can get a more even distribution. The next problem I had was that I didn’t think the product lived up to its claim of holding makeup in place all day and I don’t think it helped prolong my makeup by that much at all. This being said the product is only £3.75 so you can’t expect a miracle. I did find that the spray was refreshing and it does give your foundation a nice boost and refresh throughout the day. I think this will be good to carry in the Summer months for a much needed refresh in hot weather ( that is if Britain gets any hot weather …).

Professional Shine Eraser

First of all this product is a total bargain, only £1.50 for 50 blotting sheets! And they really do work! These are great to carry in your bag for touch-ups throughout the day as they quickly take some of the oil of your skin and give your skin more of a matte look. I like to blot my face with these and just add a bit of powder and it keeps my foundation in place all day. I think this product does exactly what you would want it to and for such an amazing price!

Let me know what products you like using to keep your makeup looking good all day!

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