January Favourites

I thought I would share some things that I have been loving this month. To avoid me writing an essay (because nobody would want to read that) I thought I would just organise it so I have one favourite item in the following categories; Makeup, Skin Care, Food, Film/TV and a random category. ( I know WILD, anything could happen).

Makeup and Skin Care:


My makeup favourite this month is pairing the Bourjois Rouge edition lipstick in shade 02 “Beige Trench” with this gloss from the Pixi Icy luster set. The lipstick shade is a really pretty medium pinky nude shade which is great for everyday wear. The formulation of the Bourjois lipsticks is really nice and very hydrating.I like to put this Pixi lip gloss over the top to add a nice sheen. This gloss came with the Pixi Icy Luster set and is just a tinted gloss in much the same colour as the lipstick. I really like this gloss as it’s not too sticky which is generally the thing that puts me off most lip glosses.

My skin care favourite this month is the Origins Super Spot Remover. I’ve been having terrible breakouts this month and this has really been a saviour! Although the product doesn’t stop spots from forming, it does help them disappear very fast. The product contains salicylic acid which I know is an ingredient which really helps me get rid of spots, it also contains “skin calming caffeine and red algae” which they claim relieves redness. I think the product is great as it  just dries the spot out and stops a lot of the usual redness I get. If you have a problem with breakouts I would definitely recommend trying this. It is kind of pricey retailing at £14 but it will last you a really long time and it’s the only thing that has really help calm my breakouts.



I’ve wanted to try this for ages and finally this month I managed to find it in the world food section at my local Tesco. Mac and Cheese is one of my all time favourite meals and this is the tastiest packet version I have ever tried. Look in the world food section of your local Tesco Extra for this pack of tastiness!


My favourite this month has to be American Hustle which is one of the best films I’ve seen in a long time. I think this had a really great storyline that was captivating and entertaining throughout. One of the best things about this film was its cast who all gave really amazing performances. The standout performance for me was Jennifer Lawrence who was absolutely hilarious and had some of the best lines in the entire film! I also loved the soundtrack to the film and thought that every aspect including costume and hair really helped to make this a really stylish and witty film.


My random favourite this month has to be this blog. This is the first month that I’ve regularly written posts and I’ve really enjoyed doing it. I’m grateful to anyone who has taken time to read any of my posts or leave comments, it’s much appreciated!

Let me know in the comments what your favourite things in January were 🙂

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