Valentine’s Day Present Ideas for your Boyfriend/Husband

Hey! Today’s post is a bit different from my usual review posts or recipe ideas. I thought as Valentine’s Day is fast approaching I would share with you ladies some ideas for gifts for your boyfriends as I find men incredibly difficult to buy for, this post contains things that I have given to my own boyfriend and that he genuinely seems to like! I know a lot of people find Valentine’s Day far to corporate and I totally see their point of view but I like to celebrate it because it is a chance to tell all the people I love ( not just my boyfriend) that I appreciate them. Anyway here are some ideas (ranging in budget) for those of you looking to get your boyfriend something special…..

1. Bake a cake!

I believe that baked goods are the way to a mans heart. I think this is a really great gift and your boyfriend will appreciate the time and effort you spend in the kitchen making something. No matter what your skills in the kitchen you can easily make something, whether it be some fairy cake or an iced sponge cake with a personal message!

2. Pop Vinyl Figures ( Vary in price about £8.99/£9.99)

There are a huge range of these figures available and I’m sure you could find your boyfriend’s favourite Film,TV or Game character. Here are my boyfriends range….. C3PO is by far my favourite, so cute!


Spock, C3PO and Altier (from the Assassins Creed games)

Loads of shops sell these figures but I know and have good ranges of them!

3. Aftershave- the obvious choice….

L'eau d'Issey Pour Homme and Le Male- Jean Paul Gaultier

L’eau d’Issey Pour Homme and Le Male- Jean Paul Gaultier

These are two really nice scents but they are both very different. The Jean Paul Gaultier- Le Male is definitely more of a vanillery scent whereas the L’eau de Issey is very fresh and citrusy. If you’re unsure which aftershaves to buy I would definitely give these two a sniff! They are very similar in price; the L’eau d’Issey is £39.50 from 75ml and the Le Male is £38.99 for 75ml also.

4. A Superdry Shirt- £44.99

This is courtesy of the Superdry website as my boyfriend did not wish to be the model :P

This is courtesy of the Superdry website as my boyfriend did not wish to be the model 😛

This is the Superdry Half Term Oxford Shirt. I thought that this would make a nice gift as it is a smart/casual shirt making it great for day to day or for a night out. There are obviously tonnes of shirts on the Superdry website to choose from and I’m sure most men would love any item from Superdry as it’s always really good quality!

5. Fujifilm Instax Mini 7 Camera- £ 59.99 at Argos!


First of all,  Argos have an amazing offer on this camera at the moment, it’s half price! I think this is a great present as all too often we take photos on our phones and never end up printing them out or looking at them again. This is a cool gadget that I’m sure most men will enjoy messing about with. This is a present that I think either gender would love though!

Here’s the Argos link:

Those are my gift ideas then, let me know if they were helpful 🙂




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