Something Sweet Magazine and Homemade Truffles!

I recently started to subscribe to the new Something Sweet magazine which is all about making confectionery. The magazine comes out every week and costs £2.99 a time, for this you get the magazine and a piece (or several) of equipment that helps you make the recipes inside. As a subscriber you can also receive several other helpful free gifts. I thought I would share my thoughts on the magazine and review the chocolate truffle recipe from issue 2.

The second issue of the magazine

The second issue of the magazine

Free gifts with the magazine!

Free gifts with the magazine 

First of all, I think the products that come with the magazine are great value considering the price in only £2.99! Items such as chocolate molds are great as they will last forever and enable you to build up a stock of equipment to make a variety of sweets/chocolates. The magazines are great; including about 4 recipes, advice on equipment and a feature on a different technique every week. This means that you can easily learn more skills and make more complex things eventually. Even if you only get the odd few issue of this magazine I would say it’s worth it, it’s fun to make these tasty treats and you get equipment that you can sue time and time again.

On to the truffles……..


This recipe was really easy to follow and I think worked out pretty well.

The magazine calls for: 200g Dark (i.e. 70% cocoa solids) Chocolate, 175ml Cream and cocoa for rolling the truffles in.

First off I made some slight adjustments; I used ordinary milk chocolate as most of the people who were going to eat these aren’t big on dark chocolate and I also had some of my own ideas on the finishing of the chocolates. I had some mixture that I kept aside and added orange flavoring too and some that instead of rolling in cocoa I covered with either milk or white chocolate. But here’s how I got on with the recipe…….

1) Chop the chocolate finely ( a task I hated)


2) Heat up the cream till just before boiling. Then pour over the chocolate and swirl the bowl till covered. Leave to stand for 1 minute, then stir in the same direction till combined and glossy. Leave to stand for 10 minutes.


3) Mix with an electric whisk until the mixture thickens.


Leave this mix to cool for an hour.

I would give this mix a good stir before the next step which is……..

4) Take teaspoons of the mix and place them on a baking sheet which you cool in the fridge for 15-20 minutes


5) Then they are ready to be rolled in cocoa or decorated however you like


So there we go, a good recipe that was easily to follow and successful even for a first time chocolatier! I definitely recommend the magazine on the basis of the content and the equipment you get with it!




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