February Favourites

I can’t believe how fast February went by, seems like only yesterday when I writing up my January favorites post! But here we go anyway, here’s my top picks of the month.

Beauty: Barry M All in one:Base coat, Top Coat and Nail Hardener. £2.99

I find that Barry M are one of the few nail varnish ranges in drug stores which I know to be cruelty free so I was really pleased that their top coat/base coat is good, especially for the price. I definitely find that my nail varnish lasts a bit longer without chipping which is all I was looking for really. I can’t imagine that there’s anything that works as well for the price!

Skincare: The Body Shop Shea Body Butter, £13

body butter

This is one of the best smelling things ever, honestly I’ve been tempted to eat it. Smell aside, this is super moisturizing and feels great on just shaved legs. If you’re in the market for a new body butter, then go into a body shop store and give this a sniff!

Food: Pizza Hut

This month I have rediscovered the wonder of Pizza Hut. I used to think that it was far too overpriced but actually they have some pretty good deals, such as the lunch buffet for £6.99 or buy one get one free takeaway pizzas. Whether it’s a meal in the restaurant or takeaway on a Friday night I’ve eaten it far too much this month! Check out offers here if you’re feeling peckish for pizza: https://www.pizzahut.co.uk/vouchers

Film: When Harry met Sally

I hadn’t watched this for ages, then a couple of Fridays ago I saw it was on Netflix and decided it was time to re-watch! This is one of my all time favorite films, it’s a romantic comedy that’s witty and sweet without being at all soppy. If you’ve never seen it, get some pizza and have a night in watching 🙂

Random: Calm.com or the Calm App

With my dissertation being due in a few weeks and then exams to look forward I have been feeling pretty stressed out of late. I thought that trying to do some meditation might be helpful but didn’t know where to start. I saw this website recommended on Tanya Burr’s blog a while back so I’ve been giving it a go. I think it really helps to do it just for 5 minutes on days when you’re just feeling super stressed out. Check it out online here for free http://www.calm.com/ or download for free from the app store.

I hope you all had a wonderful February! Let me know what your favorite things were this month 🙂




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