First time herb growing!

So today’s post is pretty random. I seem to be finding new and more exciting ways to procrastinate! Rather than finishing off my dissertation or starting to prepare for my final exams, I have developed an interest in the world of growing green things. I’ve never really had much experience with plants apart from brief encounters with sunflowers that only ended up feeding the large population of slugs and snails in my garden. On account of this I’m trying to start off with fairly uncomplicated things that I can keep in doors to monitor. I saw some great grow your own kits in Tesco and decided to pick up the one below and another more adventurous salad vegetable set which I shall probably talk about later!


So this was the first set I got and it’s just to start growing Chives, Basil and Parsley. As I like cooking, particularly things like pasta and making salads, I thought that these would be three good choices that I would definitely be able to incorporate into my food. There is something exciting about planting up the seeds and waiting for them to grow with the initial hope that one day you will stand over  a plate of food that you not only prepared but that you partly grew from a tiny seed. (Maybe I need to get out more to learn what most people find exciting :’0 )


So for £5 you get the three sets of seeds, three little bucket pots and three compost cubes. Everything you need to plant the herbs up. I was mostly convinced to buy this set because I liked the cute little buckets that came with it but you can probably just buy the seed packets and plastic pots for a cheaper price, particularly at shops like Wilkinsons.

I planted the seeds up about a week ago and they’re sitting on my windowsill as we speak. As of yet no signs of life but I’ll keep you all posted!

If any of you out there have greenfingers, please leave me tips in the comments 🙂


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