Review: Graze Box and Get a Free Box!

For a while now I’ve been wanting to try a graze box as I loved the idea of healthy snacks being delivered to your door every once in a while. I watched a few unboxings on Youtube and was really impressed at the kind of snacks people were getting. I received a voucher for a free box with an ASOS magazine so I thought it was time to finally get one. It was really easy to sign up online and only took a few minutes, you can easily change how often you want a box to be delivered choosing every week or fortnight. What impressed me the most was the range of snacks available and the degree of control you have over what you can get. They have a feature where you can choose snacks you want to be sent soon, bin those snacks you never want to receive and like or love those you are interested in trying in the future. After signing up I was told I would receive my first box on Wednesday (today) so I was super excited and looking forward to finding it this morning. And here it was, popped through my letter box……..


And  here’s what was inside……


I received:

  • Microwaveable slightly sweet popcorn
  • My Thai-  sweet chilli sauce and soy bites
  • Green Olives with Harissa
  • Honeycomb Flapjack

Inside the box is a welcome booklet and the little leaflet you can see above which has the nutritional information for the snacks in the box which is always nice to look at. They also include a napkin and I got an olive pick so this would be great if you get your boxes delivered to work.

These were all things I clicked to be sent soon so that’s proof that they take note of your ratings and preferred choices.

So moving on to my general thoughts. I think the service is great and the delivery was right on time which is great seen as its free andthe choice of snacks is excellent. The most important thing really is that the snacks I received were super tasty and I will enjoying finishing nomming them hehe. The normal price of a box is £3.89 which I guess can be seen as kind of expensive as the snack boxes are kind of smallish but still they’re unique snacks and I’ll enjoy the excitement of wondering what I’m going to receive every fortnight.

So if you’re interested use the code below to get your first, fifth and tenth box free! You can cancel at anytime, even after you’ve received your first free box, no strings attached!

Here’s the code: Y1XGXW6JB



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