Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

As Mothering Sunday is coming up in the UK (March 30th) I thought it would be helpful to share some gift ideas with you. I know that the date of mother’s day varies from country to country but hopefully this will be of some use to you all at some point. I wanted to make options that were versatile and would be able to fit into anyone’s budget as I know that younger people still at school have limited funds but want to give something just as special. With this in mind I decided to go with a kind of “make it yourself hamper”, simply meaning get a pretty box and fill it with things that your mom will love or love to try. In this post I’ll be giving a few different examples of the types of hamper you could do based on your moms personality ( i.e food lover, beauty lover relaxation lover) and the sort of stuff you could fill it with. I just did two examples so you can get the general idea. Obviously these are just ideas and you could choose as many or as few of these things depending on your budget. Anyway I seem to have waffled on far longer than I should of so lets get started!

Right so the basis of your “hamper” is going to be a pretty box or gift bag. You may well have one lying around your house but here are a few options…….

box 2

It might be best to actually buy the box after you’ve bought all the gifts, just to make sure it’s big enough.

Now on to what you could fill your boxes with ………….

For the food lover…….

My mom definitely has a sweet tooth so I’d be filling it with some of these:


  •  A gift card for her favorite restaurant or one she would like to try. Loads of places do these like Nando’s, Pizza Express etc and it’s sweet because you could go for dinner together and spend quality time with your mom!
  • Bake some little cupcakes or a nice cake to give to your mom. Homemade gifts are always the best and she’ll really appreciate it!

Box 2: For the beauty lover and relaxation lover

  • This is probably my favorite category and I’m finding it hard to narrow my picks but here’s what I think my mom would like!

vit c

This is £14 from The Body shop. I think this is a good pick for moms who don’t have much time in the morning to pamper themselves as this provides a kind of pick me up!

  • No beauty or pamper gift would be complete without some Lush products, here are my picks from their collection.

lush 2

Or this re-usable bubble bar to add in to your hamper


This little set from The Body shop would be a lovely addition….


And if you’re really treating your mom then maybe a luxury item like the following…….

The Sacred Hour Compact palette £34

The Sacred Hour Compact palette £34

I think this is a lovely present that feels luxurious and has beautiful, wearable colours that most women can make use of.

I hope this was in some way helpful. There are a tonne of things you could fill your box with but I think it’s a really thoughtful way to build a gift as it shows you’re aware of the things she likes or would like to try.

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