Review: Pixi Wakeup Concealer

Today’s post is just a simple review of a product that I’ve had in my makeup storage for a while, the Pixi Wakeup Concealer which retails online for £12.00. Here are my thoughts on the product…..

The lighting was really bad yesterday so I couldn’t manage to get a photo that really did the packaging justice. As with all the Pixi products the packaging is super cute and feels quite expensive. I got my concealer in the shade 01 cream which is the lightest shade, although I found this to be a good match for me I have noticed that there are only 3 shades available so I’m sure that some people would find it hard to get a decent match. The main problem I had with this concealer is the formula, as I personally find it too drying for use under the eyes. Even after applying eye cream I find that it’s difficult to blend in and worst of all it creases throughout the day. Although it does brighten up the under eye area, I can’t get past the dry formula so have never managed to get much use out of it. I was obviously disappointed as it’s not the cheapest product and most of all I genuinely love every other Pixi product that I’ve tried so I had expected to be really pleased by this.

Let me know what under-eye concealers you’ve been using!


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