March Favourites

Hey everyone! It’s that time of the month again to discuss the things that I have been loving over the last 30 days or so! Without further ado let’s get started….

Beauty Favourite

I received a tangle teezer for my birthday in January and I have been loving it ever since. I have fine hair that tangles so easily and nothing helps comb my hair back to normality the way this does! I was given a really cute one as well, the blue and pink version as you can see from the photo! I would seriously recommend this to any of you, it detangles your hair without ripping it out or damaging it for £10.99.


Skin care

My skin care favourite this month is the seaweed mattifying day cream from The Body Shop. I wrote about this in a skin care haul post a couple of months back and I’m still loving it. It helps control my oily skin throughout the day, keeping my makeup looking good!


This months choice is pretty random but I’ve really been enjoying Scrubs! I hadn’t watched every episode before and just seen random ones whenever they happened to be on TV. My boyfriend ( a scrub’s obsessive) decided it was time that I watched it the whole way through and it’s really been keeping me entertained.


As spring seems to have finally arrived in the UK I’ve been enjoying fresh strawberries! They have always been my favourite fruit and it’s always wonderful when you get to that time of year when properly ripened strawberries appear in the supermarket. If you fancy cooking with strawberries try out my recipe for strawberry and cream cupcakes!


My random favourite this month has to be ItsJudysLife Youtube channel. I’ve really been enjoying watching their daily vlogs especially as Judy and Benji had twin girls this month! If you haven’t ever checked out their channel then get over there now!


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