Review: WoodWick Candle

I’ve been looking to try a candle from the WoodWick candle line for a while. I’d heard that they sell them in TK Maxx but had never been able to spot one. This weekend, a 5 minute rummage through the very unorganised candle shelf in my local TK Maxx resulted in me coming across one WoodWick candle in the scent Rum Raisin. In TK Maxx the 10 ounce candles retail for £9.99 which is the cheapest I’ve ever been able to find them. You can buy them off their official website or find them on Amazon or Ebay! So let’s get on to talking about the actual candle……

WoodWick candle in Rum Raisin

WoodWick candle in Rum Raisin

First of all I really like the packaging, as you can see from the photo it’s a nice glass jar with a wooden stopper, simple but good. I was so excited to try these candles because they’re different from anything I’ve ever had before, having a wooden wick ( hence the name) which is supposed to deliver a “faster fragrance and a better burn” and claiming to crackle as they burn. I burnt the candle for about 4 hours and I did find that it burnt really evenly which is always a plus. I also think this candle will last ages as it hardly seems to have gone down at all. On to the all important crackle, yes people it does make a lovely and subtle crackling sound which I found to be such a novelty and really loved!

The scent for me wasn’t really Rum Raisin but more of a cinnamon/spice scent. I don’t mind this particularly as I love cinnamon scented candles and I thought it was a really pleasant aroma. I found that the candle had a really good throw filling the room with a nice but not over powering scent. I don’t see what more you could wish for!

All in all, I’m really pleased to have purchased this candle and have already been snooping around the WoodWick website looking for more scents to purchase! I would definitely recommend 🙂

If you’re looking for any new brands of candles at very fair prices take a look at this section of the TK Maxx website:



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