despicable me cake

Making a Minion Cake

The other day I was tasked with making a birthday cake for a friends 4 year old son, they said he would love a cake with a minion from the Despicable Me films. I was pretty nervous, not being the best cake decorator but actually feel like it sort of turned out okay. Anyway the recipient was pleased and recognized it as a minion so I spose that’s always something! I thought I would just show you the cake and write about how I iced it in case any of you have young minion loving friends who would appreciate such a cake.


So I started off with a homemade victoria sponge filled when cold with jam and buttercream.


Then I moved onto the decorations. First of all I had to colour a lot of white icing yellow. Colouring icing is always my least favourite part, I feel like it takes ages especially in the colder months. When I was satisfied with the yellow-ness of the icing, I rolled it out and covered the cake. Take care cutting the excess of the bottom to ensure a neat edge!

Then I moved onto making the face. In order to do this I had traced the main features of a minion face from a picture off the internet. This means that you can have any minion you like topping your cake or pulling any manner of cute faces.


I then had to colour some icing grey ( just using a tiny bit of black food colouring), black and brown (actually used cocoa powder). In order to make the face I just cut out the eyes, mouth and hair and placed them over the icing and cut round…. as you can see from the photo below


I find that this is the easiest way to create cake toppers and I’ve done this for several things such as Batman cakes, 2D care bears and all sorts!

Anyway, I hope you all make minion cakes!