good recipe book for baking beginners

Current Favourite Recipe Book: The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook

Today’s post is just a quick post about the recipe book that I am currently obsessed with! I love reading through recipe books, planning my next bake and I always have long lists of things I’m going to bake. Over the last few week I’ve pretty much exclusively been trying things from the Hummingbird bakery book and I think it’s a great book for people just getting into baking and those more experienced. The book retails for about £7 and can be found here on amazon but you can also pick it up at places like WH Smiths! Here’s  a few snaps of the book:




The book really has some great recipes and as you can see is lovely to flick through including lovely pictures and what not. I’ve tried a lot of recipes ranging from vanilla cupcakes (which introduced me to a new method of making the sponge, one that I now prefer), brownies, lemon loaf and the Hummingbird Brooklyn Blackout cake! Best chocolate sponge I’ve ever made!

Here’s a picture of the lemon loaf, just to prove the recipes work well and aren’t too difficult


I’ve definitely got my eye on the Lemon cupcakes and the Blueberry pie in the pictures above as my next two bakes. Probably after my exams are finished, which seems a very long way off I’m afraid…… 😦

On that note I’d like to apologise for not keeping to my posting schedule, I’ve just been trying to focus on revision for my university final year exams. Hopefully I will be back on schedule soon!