Time to De-Stress

Most of us find stress in our day to day lives but with exam season on the horizon anyone in education will be feeling the pressure. Revision and deadlines have been making me feel stressed out and generally down. I thought I would talk about a couple of things that I find have been really helping me deal with my stress.

First up is the Origins Peace of mind on the spot relief. Just applying a couple of pumps of this and rubbing into the temples and the back of the neck really helps me. I find the scent and the tingling sensation of the product really helps calm me down. I’ll definitely be applying a bit of this before any exams I have so I don’t find myself getting too anxious. This is also great for you if you’re having trouble sleeping, massage a bit into your temples before trying to nod off and it may do you a lot of good. The product is fairly expensive at £13 but I think it will last a fairly long time and you probably ( I hope) won’t be needing it every day!


The next thing that I find particularly helpful is taking a bath, fairly obvious I know. In times of stress I particularly like to use The Comforter Bubble Bar from Lush priced at £4.50 but you can get two baths out of it. I find that after a hard day revising or working, taking a bath with a magazine helps to take your mind off it all. I’m the kind of person that can’t stop worrying or thinking about what I have to do tomorrow, taking your mind off these kind of things for parts of the day is really key to keeping you feeling fresh! The comforter is great because of it’s soothing scent and great before bedtime if you’re having trouble sleeping!


Lastly, I thought I would mention calm.com, which is a website/ app that helps you meditate. I find meditations really relaxing but don’t really know how to go about it alone. I would recommend trying this out, as an easy 5 minute relaxation trick!

Good luck for those of you with exams!


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